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Thorsten M. Buzug (Editor in Chief)

Student Conference Proceedings 2015

4th Conference on Medical Engineering Science

The contributions to this proceedings book show how new approaches and methods in medical engineering and medical informatics can advance medicine, health and health care. The papers focus on the following topics:

1. Biomedical Optics:
Flow velocity measurements using Doppler optical coherence tomography; Characterization of a micro machined deformable membrane mirror using optical coherence tomography; Laser Ray Tracing Setup for Measuring the Refractive Index Changes in Bovine Lenses; Optically Monitored Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty; Development of standardized tissue phantoms for evaluation of Holographic Photoacoustic Tomography; Investigation of the influence of pulse variations on photoacoustic response and damage thresholds for laser induced bubble formation at the fundus of the eye; Development of a new, non-invasive, laser-assisted experimental model for Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy; FT-IR investigation of the nonlinear optical crystal CLBO;

2. Biochemical Physics:
LED-based Illumination Set-up for In Vitro Photodynamic Therapy; Construction and implementation of a simple stopped-flow apparatus for the investigation of rapid kinetics using confocal fluorescence microscopy; Fluorescence Properties and Cytotoxicity of Nanoparticle-based Ratiometric Fluorescent Thermometer on RPE Cells; Comparative Study of the Gamma-Spectrometers Berthold LB2040’s and Berthold LB2045’s Performance based on the Half-life Determination of Radioactive Isotope Ba-137m; Re-setup of a Nitrogen Cooled Ge-Detector in Combination with a Canberra Multi Channel Analyzer for Determination of Terrestrial Radiation Sources;

3. Biomedical Engineering:
Dispension of a bead suspension into small vessels; Simulation of torque acting on the joint of an exoskeleton for stroke rehabilitation; Determination of Measurement Characteristics of a Sensor for Blood Leakage in Hemodialysis; Checking the usability of a valve system to control a pressure controlled valve from a breathing machine;

4. Safety and Quality:
Investigation of the APICA ASCTM access and closure device for the delivery of mitral valve therapies; Technical Reequipment and Restructuring of Endoscopic Department at Demmin Hospital; Developing a procedure to test the compatibility of flexible endoscopes with an Endo-Thermo-Disinfector (ETD); Development of a level indicator for process chemicals of an automated endoscopy reprocessor; Developing a Type Test for the Contamination-Monitor with Gamma Detectors with Focus on Detector Homogeneity – For Four Different Nuclides; Development of a luminous field measurement station and comparison of a consumer LED headlight and a HEINE® LED LoupeLight; Temperature dependencies in surgical lights – investigation and compensation concept; Implementation of Risk Management Report for Medical Ceiling Supply Units in IBM Rational DOORS®; Analysis of Coordinate Measuring Machines in Medicine especially in the Osteosurgery and Dentalsurgery;

5. Medical Imaging:
Novel Method to Measure Migration of Percutaneous Nerve Evaluation Leads; The measurement of the peak kilovoltage across microfocus X-ray tubes by using K-shell radiation and K-shell absorption; Analyzing the Impact of Different Path Termination Conditions in a Probabilistic Fiber Tracking Algorithm; Measurement and Analysis of the respiration-driven Motion of the Pulmonary Artery; Respiratory Surface Motion Measurement by Microsoft Kinect: Implementation and Evaluation of a clinical Setup;

6. Signal Processing:
Single-trial variability of non-invasively recorded high-frequency somatosensory evoked potentials; Evaluation of a Skin-to-Electrode Impedance Measuring System; Quantitative evaluation of online signal processing for fMRI-based neurofeedback; Different k-Space Sampling Sequences for MR Image Reconstruction with Blind Sparse Motion Estimation; Exploiting Sparse Representations of the Plenacoustic Function for Compressive Sensing; Robust Pattern Recognition of Hand Movement with Multi-Channel Surface EMG Using Random Forest; Noise Cancellation using Room Equalization Filters; Receive Chain Noise Matching For Magnetic Particle Imaging;

7. Image Processing:
Experimental Evaluation of Different Weighting Schemes in Magnetic Particle Imaging Reconstruction; Comparison and Performance Evaluation of Indoor Localization Algorithms based on an Error Mode for an Optical System; A machine learning approach for planning valve-sparing aortic root reconstruction; Edge-preserving ring artifact correction for CT imaging; Fully Automated Camera Calibration for X-ray Inspection and Computed Tomography Systems; Analysis of an Automatically Computed Abstraction Parameter in Sketch-based Image Retrieval Using Angular-Radial Partitioning; Performance of Förstner- and Rohr operators based on structure tensors versus Hessians; Dimensionality reduction of multidimensional image descriptors for medical image registration; An Efficient Implementation of an Affine Point-based Registration using the Expectation Maximization-ICP in C++; Enabling on-Demand Features for Decision Forests – An Approach to Lesion Segmentation in MR-Volumes; Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation – Setup of a Challenge;


Student Conference Proceedings

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July 1, 2015
Christina Debbeler, Christian Kaethner

Editorial Board

R. Birngruber, R. Brinkmann, H. Gehring, T. Gutsmann, H. Handels, M. Heinrich, H. Hellbrück, C. Hübner, G. Hüttmann, S. Klein, M. Koch, M. Leucker, K. Lüdtke-Buzug, E. Maehle, T. Martinetz, A. Mertins, J. Modersitzki, H. Paulsen, R. Rahmanzadeh, F. Reinholz, P. Rostalski, M. Scharfschwerdt, C. Schmidt, A. Schweikard, A. Vogel, S. Wehrig

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